An experienced tribunal member has been given ‘formal advice’ after appearing to fall asleep during a hearing. Ann Brown, a non-legal member of the employment tribunal in the south east region, was sanctioned by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office, which published its decision today.

A spokesperson for the JCIO said the senior president of tribunals, on behalf of the lord chief justice, had issued Brown with the advice after failing to carry out her judicial duties with diligence.

The decision notice said that Brown ‘failed to remain awake or gave the appearance that she was asleep during a hearing’. No details were given about the nature of the hearing or whether the case had to be adjourned or heard again.

In reaching its decision, the JCIO said, it took into account that Brown had a 25-year sitting history with no previous misconduct.

It is the latest decision notice published this year by the judicial body. A deputy district judge has been issued a formal warning following complaints made to a solicitor which undermined confidence in their impartiality, a magistrate has been removed for failing to undertake mandatory training, and another magistrate was issued with formal advice after he was rude to a colleague.