Obiter was under the impression that former SRA executive director Crispin Passmore wanted a long holiday after leaving the organisation at the start of this month.

But the time for sun and sangria is over. Passmore has returned already, setting up his own business helping law firms get their head around legal regulations.

The blurb on the Passmore Consulting website states: ‘I can help you navigate the changing regulatory environment to grow and develop your business in this fast moving world.’ Given Passmore used to be in charge of this changing regulatory environment, you would hope so.

Passmore, of course, was an evangelist for requiring law firms to publish certain prices online, so we were surprised to see no price list on his own site. Instead, clients have the choice of an unspecified day rate, fixed fees for specific projects, or a retainer.

Suitably for someone with his moniker, Passmore will advise (among other things) on the new super-exam which will face wannabe solicitors from 2021. ‘Invite me to facilitate and support you in working out what this means for your business,’ he says.

Readers may remember Passmore as a prominent advocate of the training reforms, suggesting the legal market meant ‘thinking in different ways’.