She’s already been the subject of a children’s book so it makes perfect sense that Lady Hale, immediate past-president of the Supreme Court, would star in the first episode of a new legal podcast for children.

Kids Law is the new podcast series from the Next 100 Years project, answering children’s questions about how the law works and how it affects them as they grow up.

The podcast is being hosted by nine-year-old Alma Constance – daughter of Next 100 Years founder and solicitor Dana Denis-Smith – and Lucinda Acland, co-author of First: 100 Years of Women in Law and presenter of the First 100 Years podcast. Alma decided to make the podcast when she discovered that she was about to reach the age of criminal responsibility (10, in case you were wondering) and did not know anything about what this meant in practice.

Max Hill, director of public prosecutions, will be next month’s guest.

Perhaps lord chancellor Robert Buckland could be persuaded to appear? He’s already experienced in explaining the law to children – four years ago, as solicitor-general, he visited a primary school in Yorkshire to discuss whether porridge-guzzling Goldilocks was guilty of theft, and breaking and entering.