11 September 2008 

Virtual court pilot in jeopardy over fees

A pilot scheme that could see defendants sentenced via video-link within hours of being arrested could be derailed as three leading practitioner groups consider withdrawing their support over pay, the Gazette has learned. The pilot, designed to save costs and speed up first hearings, will run at Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court, which tested a prototype in 2007.

16 September 1998

Beware the bug

As a result of initiatives by government and industry, general awareness of the millennium computer problem – the Y2K bug – has risen substantially. But in the case of the legal profession, hyper-awareness is required. 

14 September 1988

US-style crisis unlikely in UK

The UK is highly unlikely to experience a medical malpratice crisis of US proportions. Differences between the two countries’ legal, health care and social insurance systems will see to it. So conclude the health policy analysts at the King’s Fund Institute in a new study of medical negligence. 

September 1968

Shared private telephone lines

The council has from time to time during the past 20 years made representations to the Postmaster General with a view to obtaining exemption for solicitors from the necessity of sharing telephone lines to their private residences. Unhappily, the present Postmaster General, Mr Roy Mason, wrote to the president on 25 June saying that the review of conditions under which telephone services were provided had now been completed but that it had not been possible to meet the request for the exemption of solicitors from shared services.