Gazette 4 November 2010

ABSs ‘increase opportunity’

Solicitors believe alternative business structures will create ‘more opportunity’ in terms of their careers and are more motivated by work/life balance than financial gain, the results of exclusive Gazette research have revealed.

2 November 2000

Bullying ordeal of one-year qualifieds

Almost one-in-five one-year qualified solicitors has experienced workplace bullying, according to new research. In nine out of 10 cases the bully was a senior colleague and almost three-quarters of respondents claimed the reason for their bullying was their sex.

7 November 1990

Scrap immunity for marital rape call

The present marital immunity in rape should be abolished in all cases, the Law Commission has recommended in a consultation paper. The commission believes it would be unsatisfactory to leave this ‘important and difficult matter’ to the courts and suggests legislation is needed.

November 1960

Institutional advertising

On 3 October, the United Law Debating Society debated the motion: ‘This house believes that it would be desirable if the restriction on advertising by the legal profession were removed.’ When the vote was taken the motion was declared lost by the narrow margin of one vote.

November 1940


It has been suggested to the council that many residents in the provinces would welcome the opportunity of providing for solicitors who live in the bombed areas and their families either emergency accommodation in respect of cases where homes have been damaged or destroyed as a result of enemy action, or else accommodation where, for a few nights or a weekend, some temporary relief from the noise and strain of air-raids might be obtained.