The Law Society Gazette, 31 January 2008

LCS reveals plans to publish complaints

The Legal Complaints Service (LCS) is to press ahead with plans to publish detailed information on upheld, adjudicated complaints and keep it on public record for three years, the Gazette has learned. The LCS said publication was in the consumer interest and would act as a kind of league table for the profession.

Indian government showing ‘encouraging’ signs of opening

UK lawyers made further progress in their bid to open up the Indian legal services market to foreign firms last week – despite ‘aggressive’ resistance from Indian firms.

28 January 1998

Words of Straw

Home secretary Jack Straw has proved again how easy and popular it is to have a bash at lawyers. His outburst last week following an announcement that ministers were considering cracking down on ‘unscrupulous’ immigration advisers exhibited lawyer baiting of the worst kind. Much of his abuse seemed to be based on the activities of a unnamed London firm of solicitors which, according to Mr Straw, descended on Dover to ‘dish out’ green forms to Czech and Slovak asylum seekers.

25 January 1978

Manx autonomy and international responsibilities

The birching case is, in itself, trivial. More crucial issues of the constitutional relationship exist, such as the decision whether or not the island should end the ‘common purse’ agreement. This is central to the island’s future commercial prosperity.

January 1958

Sputniks and the law

Everyone appears to have proffered a word or two on the subject of artificial satellites; now it is our turn. A letter published on page 21 discusses some of the problems which a householder might suddenly have to deal with if one of the objects now spinning through outer space came to rest on his property. The possible advantages to be gained from holding a sputnik’s owners to ransom are in these hard times of interest to us all.