Picking up the pieces

It is two months since home information packs became mandatory for all residential properties. They have been roundly attacked, by all but the Department for Communities and Local Government, as time-wasting instruments which do nothing to improve the buying and selling process. Implementation coincided with a downturn in the housing market following the Credit Crunch and Northern Rock crisis.

12 February 1998

Hot coffee claim

Three cooperating law firms have each been granted limited legal aid with a view to bringing personal injury claims against the US fast food giant McDonald’s. Manchester firm Slater Heelis and Stockport-based Lee & Co will join with Malnick & Rance in London to bring three claims for clients with burns caused by spillages of the food chain’s coffee.

10 February 1988

Grants would open profession to more talent

Only by the provision of mandatory grants for legal studies can the profession be open to all talented graduates regardless of wealth or background, a new report on entry to the profession concludes. The report pushes for mandatory local authority grants for all students on common professional examination and solicitors’ finals courses. 

15 February 1978

Money-go-round – conveyancing

On 10 February Thames Television presented, in its programme ‘Money-go-round’, a discussion on conveyancing. As has become almost inevitable, the long introduction was slanted against solicitors, including an account by ‘Mr Whatsisname’ followed by a pleasant young fireman who had done his own conveyancing on the purchase of a house in what he considered, without any previous experience, was a satisfactory manner although, of course, he had not as yet reached the point when he had to re-sell the house.