Whatever the significance of the late Princess Margaret’s sealed will, the president of the Family Division isn't in any mood for speculation. In an admirably brisk judgment, Sir James Munby has seen off the latest attempt to open the will, the contents of which have been secret since the younger sister of Her Majesty the Queen passed away in 2002.  

In an application to the family court dated 6 March, one Malika Benmusa stated: ‘My name was changed as a child as my date of birth, I belive (sic) around the age between 3 to 4 years old. My mother did not consent to this, but later on found out. I belive (sic) that both names are in the will. And it is explained. My father was in charge of my mother will, but failed to give me what is rightfully mine. So I belive (sic) this has been taken out of his hands and put back to the president of the Family Division (Sir James Munby).'

In judgment handed down today, a less than convinced Munby says he had 'no hesitation’ in concluding that he should strike out the claim.

‘The applicant has not articulated any intelligible basis for her claim. The facts alleged by the applicant neither assert nor identify in any intelligible way either any link with HRH Princess Margaret or any link with her will,’ he said.

He signs off: ‘In short, her application is hopelessly defective.’

Would that all family claims could be so easily dealt with.