The growth of US firms in the City of London has been well documented. Now a City firm has announced ambitions to tap into a lucrative legal market that is already making waves stateside – cannabis law.

Medicinal and recreational cannabis use is now legal in several US states, and law firms have been quick to pick up on the opportunities. The US even has its own National Cannabis Bar Association.

Now London law firm Mackrell Turner Garrett has decided it wants to score a piece of the action. It has unveiled its cannabis law department – complete with its own website and promotional video.

The firm’s website states: ‘Following pioneering campaigns from families of patients and doctors, there has been a significant change to UK legislation in regards to cannabis, which has now made it legal to produce and prescribe products derived from the drug.’ This, it says, has opened up a ‘significant new marketplace for cannabis in the UK, one which pharmaceutical businesses and other companies licensed to cultivate the drug for medical use in Britain, are looking to exploit’. Let’s hope they don’t, err, make a hash of it. (That’s enough dope jokes – Editor.)

Anyway, senior associate Robert Jappie is in charge of the department and fronts a video encouraging people to get in touch with their legal needs. Obiter trusts the initial flurry of calls and emails will be purely legal enquiries.