Fleet-footed law firm marketing bods are required to be pretty thick-skinned about accusations of ambulance-chasing.

This approach would appear to stand even if a new business opportunity is presented by the collapse of another firm.

Less than a day after the Gazette revealed that Liverpool firm Hampson Hughes had gone into administration, national practice Simpson Millar was appealing to former staff to enquire about making a protective award claim. A LinkedIn post stated: ‘If you’ve lost your job at Hampson Hughes in Liverpool, you could claim up to £4,352.’

Nothing wrong with that: Simpson Millar was merely advertising its services to people who may well be in need of representation.

Still, Obiter did spot one retort from a former Hampson Hughes employee asking Simpson Millar to spare a thought for those made redundant. Simpson’s response made clear that it was sympathetic to their situation and apologised if the post seemed insensitive, but pointed out that time was of the essence if a claim was to be made.