None more so than rugby league, where the 20-year-old video referral now has its own sponsor. Step forward Patient Claim Line, the consumer brand of clinical negligence firm Fletchers Solicitors, which will accompany all big-screen decisions in the Super League season starting next week.

The sponsorship deal, the first of its kind in the UK, means the firm’s name will be up in lights – and on Sky Sports’ coverage – each time the referee wants a second opinion on a controversial decision.

Obiter reckons the opportunities are endless if this catches on in soccer. Imagine the goodwill to be gained should the telly umpire rule out a potentially decisive strike by England’s world-cup semi-final opponents this year: ‘This disallowed goal by Lionel Messi is brought to you by Anytown Solicitors – we’re on your side.’

Think big, marketing teams.