Parliament will waste no time today cracking on with the Civil Liability Bill, giving the legislation a second reading on MPs’ very first day back.

The summer has seen a concerted effort by lobbyists on both sides to win favour and persuade the public they should support/fight the bill, which largely eliminates lawyers from lower-value RTA claims.

Obiter was particularly taken by the Association of British Insurers publishing the results of a survey which found the majority of the public believe legal costs are too high and two-thirds feel positive about proposals to simplify personal injury compensation. We’re frankly surprised that pollsters found one in 10 people to opine that legal costs are not too high.

But the ABI didn’t stop at self-serving and ultimately pointless opinion polls, for it had another card up its sleeve - an article in Guido Fawkes, a blog widely read by MPs. 

A post produced and sponsored by the ABI makes the case for reform, expressing fears ‘vulnerable people and those in need of easy cash can be talked into making fake or exaggerated claims’. 

Obiter imagines most Guido readers already have a certain idea of PI lawyers, which begs the question why the ABI felt the need to buy such coverage. The lobbying machine is in overdrive, for sure. But the article ends on a positive note: ’These cold-calling firms are renowned for their adaptability – perhaps their next move should be into offering career advice for claimant lawyers in need of a new income stream.’