Richard Burgon, solicitor and MP for East Leeds, took time out from haranguing the government over prisons privatisation last week to attend to a much more important constituency matter. The shadow lord chancellor wrote in lengthy and pained terms to the owner of Leeds United, demanding that the once-feted but long-chastened Yorkshire football club ditch its proposed new crest.

Some wags pointed out that the logo – designed for the ‘next 100 years’ – closely resembles a well-known preparation for treating indigestion. Others still detected a clear nod toward communist, or even fascist, art.

Fewer, surprisingly, made the obvious point that the logo is sexist. The Gazette’s editor, who hails from LS11-way, confirms that women do occasionally pitch up at Elland Road to cheer on the accident-prone Whites. Masochism is not gender-specific.

Predicated on ‘solidarity’ with the fans, the crest succeeded beyond the club’s wildest dreams. Within hours of its unveiling, 50,000 had signed an online petition demanding it be jettisoned.

‘Please listen to the supporters,’ implored Burgon. Half an hour later, Leeds’ somewhat abashed CEO pledged that the club would indeed reconsider. A wise decision, if he wants to sell any more replica shirts before 2118…