Top 100 firm Bevan Brittan has said it will not be retendering to provide legal services to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Bevan Brittan managing partner Duncan Weir said: ‘This year, Bevan Brittan has been successfully extending its range of services and growing its client base into new business sectors and geographies.

‘In preparation for the SRA retender, we reviewed the continuing level of investment required to deliver this aspect of our legal regulatory work and decided not to retender for the SRA panel work. This was not an easy decision because the SRA has been a valued client for a number of years.

‘Iain Miller, who has been our lead partner on this work, has now opted for a change of direction, and will be leaving the firm. We thank Iain for his service and time at Bevan Brittan and we wish him every success in the future.’

The SRA currently has two panels – one handling disciplinary proceedings, and another litigation and legal advice. Bevan Brittan is one of seven firms on the first panel and six on the second.

The panels are being consolidated into one after the current arrangements expire at the end of December, which the regulator says will enhance coordination and deliver better value for money.

The SRA will not disclose the value of the work but expects to announce the constituents of the new panel ‘in the near future’.

An SRA spokesperson said: ‘We are currently in the middle of a competitive process to appoint a new panel. We were disappointed that Bevan Brittan did not retender, but are pleased that we have had strong interest from a range of firms.

‘We are confident that the process will deliver a result that gives us excellent legal support, while also achieving value for money.’