A Crown court judge has asked a woman to write to him every month as part of a community order after she was caught carrying a razor blade in a park. The order followed a court appearance by a 55-year-old Barrow-in-Furness woman with a history of self harm and previous convictions for carrying blades.  

Sentencing, His Honour Judge Jefferies QC said: 'In my judgement, the laws about carrying bladed articles… you are not really the person they are aimed at. They are aimed at people who carry knives and blades to cause trouble on the streets and you are not that. 

His Honour Judge Jefferies QC

His Honour Judge Jefferies QC

Source: Avalon

'You are absolutely right that the person most likely to get injured from someone carrying a blade is the person carrying it. I want to make sure that you are not before the courts again for carrying knives - even if it is only to harm yourself.'

The judge passed a two-year community order with 20 rehabilitation days which he said he hoped would help the defendant address her mental health struggles. He added: 'I would like you to write to me every month. Do you think you can do that? You have written me a very heartfelt letter today. I would like to make a requirement that you write to me every month.'

Saying that the requirement cannot be enforced in law, Jefferies promised to write back if the defendant agreed. 'It is pointless you writing to me if I’m not going to write back, isn’t it?'