Katharine Freeland

  • ESG illustration

    Seeing and believing

    14 June 2024

    Regulations around the ethical and environmental credentials of businesses are tightening, leading companies of all sizes to rely more heavily on their lawyers. In the first of two features on ESG reporting, Katharine Freeland looks at the position of clients.

  • Mark Blois

    Let all talent rise


    In the second of two articles on disability in the legal profession, Katharine Freeland looks at the experiences of – and what must be done for – solicitors seeking to climb the career ladder.

  • Disability access

    Opening up on disability

    23 February 2024

    Lawyers take pride in protecting the rights of disabled clients, but the profession’s own record on access is mixed. Are attempts to change that paying off? In the first of two features investigating disability and legal careers, Katharine Freeland reports on the position of trainees and junior lawyers.

  • Piggybank maze

    Penny wise

    1 December 2023

    The legal profession benefits from a relatively well-defined career structure, but lawyers need to pay close attention to their personal finances as their careers progress.

  • Colleagues walking up steps to the office

    A step too far?

    6 October 2023

    On race, gender and socio-economic background, City firms have acted to improve the balance of their intake. But efforts to change the partnership have fallen short. Katharine Freeland reports.

  • Boots

    Buying to sell

    4 August 2023

    Private equity is an opaque, $7tn sector which few of its leading lights – or advisers – want to talk about. But the pressure is growing for greater transparency as regulators play catch-up, reports Katharine Freeland.

  • National Crime Agency

    Chasing money

    21 April 2023

    The controversial tool of private prosecutions is central to government efforts to combat fraud, compensating for the chronic underfunding of public agencies. Katharine Freeland reports.

  • Eugene Shvidler

    Risky business

    31 March 2023

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine thrust sanctions compliance up the agenda of law firms of all sizes. Katharine Freeland reports.

  • Finger point

    Pointing the finger

    13 January 2023

    As the Royal United Services Institute says, ‘If economic crime is to be accepted as a national security issue the government needs to police it like one’. Katharine Freeland reports.

  • Golden egg

    Leave it to me

    11 November 2022

    It has been a while since private client departments were any law firm’s tranquil backwater. Katharine Freeland reports.

  • Face mask

    When the mask slips

    14 October 2022

    Pandemic lockdowns turbocharged open conversations about mental health in the legal profession. But how much has really changed? Katharine Freeland reports.

  • Rubiks-cube

    Problem solvers

    29 November 2021

    A new generation of lawyers is gaining a foothold in private client, attracted by its focus on the individual. We examine the growing stature of the sector in full-service law firms.

  • Manchester-united-football-protest

    Playing by the rules

    12 July 2021

    Mega sponsorship deals and money-spinning transfers are the bread and butter of sports law. But when governing bodies and clubs make headlines for the wrong reasons, lawyers have to pick up the pieces.

  • Interview-handshake-wide

    Candidates for change

    19 April 2021

    The lasting effect of the pandemic on law firm hiring policies – and a candidate’s options – looks set to be profound, writes Katharine Freeland

  • Covid job search

    Horizon scans

    25 January 2021

    Could ‘lockdown 3’ really be the time to consider changing job – or even specialism? There are plenty of opportunities out there, discovers Katharine Freeland.

  • Two women working in office with protective masks - coronavirus

    Coming out of lockdown

    6 July 2020

    How to return to the office safely.

  • alternative-careers

    Alternative legal services provider

    22 June 2020

    Excited by the business of law rather than black letter law? Then go and work for an ASLP. Katharine Freeland reports.

  • Ray-Parlour

    Family fortunes

    8 June 2020

    A huge backlog of family cases, increased by lockdown, is just one of many challenges facing family lawyers, writes Katharine Freeland

  • LS_engineer-cartoon

    Legal engineer

    4 May 2020

    In the first of a new series on alternative legal careers, Katharine Freeland looks at legal engineers and the skills needed to thrive in this increasingly important role

  • Howto

    How to work in new ways

    30 March 2020

    With Covid-19 shutting offices and forcing teams apart, Katharine Freeland looks at remote, flexible and agile working

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