The first in what could be a series of disruptive ‘days of action’ by criminal barristers in opposition to the government’s legal aid cuts will take place at the start of the new year.

The immediate past chair of the Criminal Bar Association Michael Turner QC said the proposed initial day of action will be 6 January.

Speaking at the Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association conference on 23 November, he said: ‘That is a starter. If the government does not back down we will not be in court on the next month on the following Tuesday and so on. And if it doesn’t back down we will not be in court on the following Tuesday and Wednesday and then the Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday.’

Current CBA chair Nigel Lithman QC said Turner was expressing a personal view and the first action date had yet to be finalised. Lithman said he would make a formal announcement in due course.

Responding, a Law Society spokesperson said: ‘Barristers have taken their decision but for many solicitors, with responsibilities for their firms and their employees, the situation is very different. Is it the best strategy for achieving change? We continue to impress upon the MoJ the damage that cuts to legal aid will undoubtedly cause.’