The Newcastle law firm of controversial equal pay champion Stefan Cross will close at the end of September. Stefan Cross Solicitors had entered voluntary liquidation, with the expected loss of 12 jobs, including one qualified lawyer.

Cross, who was made an honorary QC earlier this year, once described himself as ‘the most hated lawyer in Britain’. He achieved national prominence by winning hefty compensation deals for low-paid women council workers who, despite employment policies and equality legislation, had for years been consistently paid less than their male counterparts.


Source: Thinkstock

He has cost councils millions but also earned the resentment of  trade unions, which he claimed had come to discreet deals with the councils to avoid trouble and big bills.

It is understood that Cross is closing the firm because his English caseload has petered out. He has claimed to have 12,000 cases proceeding in Scotland however. Ongoing instructions in England will continue and all creditors of the firm will be paid in full.