Next year's eviction from premises in central London presents an 'exciting opportunity' for the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, the body said today. 

In a statement following the Gazette's revelation that the SDT is being forced to look for new premises, the tribunal's president, Alison Kellett, said: 'Our current premises are being marketed for sale, which is beyond our control. However, this also provides us with an exciting opportunity to review our requirements and to align our working environment with our vision for the future.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

SDT's current premises in central London

Source: Darren Filkins

'The world has changed radically since we initially moved into Gate House, and whilst it has been a fantastic space, our needs have changed. We will be seeking a new premises that enables easy access for all potential users of the tribunal, and that reflects the fact that many more hearings are now conducted remotely using the latest technology.

'In addition, we will be looking to reduce our carbon footprint by using a smaller space than we currently occupy, which will also provide cost efficiencies over the longer term and provide best value for our profession.

'We are totally committed to delivering on the SDT’s core responsibility, which is to provide justice to those that come before it, maintain and uphold the reputation of our profession and we will continue to focus on doing that to the best of our ability.'

The Gazette reported last week that the SDT had asked the oversight regulator for an additional £1.1m in its budget next year to pay for the move, which is expected in September.


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