A litigation executive at an insurance law firm has been banned from the profession after applying for a mortgage using fake headed paper. Iram Sharif, who briefly worked for Bolton firm Keoghs LLP, created a false reference on the firm’s letterhead and sent it to a building society to help her mortgage application.

She then instigated a call to the building society in an attempt to cover up the fact the firm had also sent a factual reference.

Sharif joined the firm in August 2015 but left within two months. The Solicitors Regulation Authority said it is unknown if she is currently involved in a legal practice.

Sharif, a non-solicitor, did not cooperate with the regulator’s investigation but her conduct was found to be dishonest and in breach of two SRA principles.

Under a section 43 order, she was barred from working in the solicitors’ profession without first seeking permission of the SRA. She was also given a written rebuke and ordered to pay a £10,000 fine and costs of £600.

Meanwhile, in a separate notice posted by the SRA yesterday, Manchester-based sole practitioner Nicola Hoskin admitted failing to inform the SRA of nine county court judgments made against her between August 2015 and March 2016.

She also admitted submitting an application to the SRA to renew her practising certificate in November 2015 without informing regulators about the five judgments made up to that point.

In mitigation, Hoskin said the judgments related to a separate unconnected business she owned and had no connection with PMN Law Limited. She had not intended to conceal information or mislead the SRA and promptly apologised for her omission.

Hoskin accepted a public rebuke and to pay costs of £600.