An organisation representing family mediators is set to introduce a public register and independent board as part of a strategy to self-regulate the sector.

In an effort to boost public confidence in mediation, the Family Mediation Council (FMC) has established a professional register for both fully accredited mediators and those working towards accreditation which will be made public next month.

At the same time it has also working on setting up an independent standards and regulatory body, composed of three family mediators and three independent members.

The Family Mediation Standards Board will sit under the umbrella of the FMC and will be chaired by Robert Creighton, a retired NHS chief executive and former civil servant.

The council hopes the measures will protect against poor practice, and will provide recognition and support for registered family mediators.

Creighton said: ‘The board has an essential role to play in the assurance and development of the family mediation profession, which is increasingly significant element in the family justice system.

‘It is in everyone’s interests that professional self-regulation should be effective and forward looking, reinforcing public confidence in the role and contribution of family mediators.’

A Law Society spokesperson said: ‘The Law Society is a Family Mediation Council member organisation, and supports the FMC’s new standards framework. The Society’s own family mediation accreditation scheme is designed to meet that standards framework.’