A Hampshire firm has started offering clients will-writing by the internet videoconferencing service Skype, removing the need for them to attend the solicitor’s office.

Moore Blatch says Skype enables the firm to comply with its code of practice obligation to see clients face-to-face. Clients looking to make or revise a will have the option of going into the office or of having a home visit to sign their documents, if preferred.  

If there is any question as to the capacity or vulnerability of the individual, or suspicions of undue influence, the usual precautions of a visit in person and possibly a capacity report from a suitably qualified medical practitioner are still used, the firm said. 

Written correspondence can be done electronically, including drafting the final will, which is sent by email. Clients then print and execute the will following guidance notes supplied and return the originals for Moore Blatch to check and store.

Partner Carla Brown said: ‘Skype is an ideal tool with which those too busy to find legal support on the high street can make a will. We believe there are many ways in which the legal profession can benefit from today’s advances in technology and are embracing the use of Skype and other forms of videoconferencing for legal work.’