A 60-year-old Norfolk firm has reverted to an individual visual identity after four years under the brand of national network QualitySolicitors.

Clapham & Collinge, which employs more than 50 people at its Norwich and Sheringham offices, said that while it had ‘enjoyed, and benefited from, being part of QualitySolicitors’ the partners had decided ‘the time was right to start re-focusing on our own brand’.

Clapham & Collinge describes itself as one of Norfolk’s oldest and best respected law firms. Its services include conveyancing, family law, commercial and corporate matters and private client work.

Hugh Berridge, senior partner, said in a statement: ‘Becoming part of a large, national network was absolutely the right decision for us four years ago. At that time changes in legislation were making it incredibly hard for smaller law firms to compete against commodity legal providers such as the large supermarket chains.

‘There was a good fit between Clapham & Collinge and QualitySolicitors and we were able to learn from each other and create a customer-focused brand that is now well-known across the UK.’

The firm will now emphasise its local roots, he said. ‘We have always been incredibly proud to be a Norfolk firm and, as we develop the business, the county is where our commitment lays.’

He added: ‘The move away from being part of a national network means that we can revert to making business decisions that are entirely focused on the needs of our business, our clients and our community.’

The firm is the first defector from QualitySolicitors to go public about its decision since Essex firm Fisher Jones Greenwood left the network in November 2013. QualitySolicitors’ founder Craig Holt left the business last year.

Eddie Ross, chief executive of QualitySolicitors, said: 'We are sorry to see Clapham & Collinge leaving QualitySolicitors but respect their decision to go their own way. Local law firms across the country are benefitting from the national services standards and consumer innovations that QualitySolicitors has introduced while still being able to operate as independent businesses serving the needs of their communities. As high street practices continue to come under pressure from DIY legal platforms and low-cost bulk service providers, we believe good quality, high street legal firms need to stand together and champion and promote the value of their local services, that’s what QualitySolicitors sets out to deliver and we are investing to build and develop our network to the benefit of lawyers, consumers and local business clients.'