North-west solicitor Edward Nally is to replace another former Law Society president, Linda Lee, as one of two solicitors on the QC Selection Panel.

Nally, admitted in 1980, is a consultant and former senior partner at Bolton and Manchester firm Fieldings Porter Solicitors. He was president of the Law Society in 2004-5 and he has also served as a Judicial Appointments Commissioner and member of the Legal Services Board.

Catherine Dixon, chief executive of the Law Society and a director of QC appointments, said: ‘His considerable expertise and experience, both within the profession and on the Judicial Appointments Commission, will enable him to make an extremely valuable contribution to the QC appointments process. We look forward to another successful silk round as we prepare for the 2016-17 competition.’

QC appointments have been made through open competition since 2005. The Selection Panel, chaired by a lay person, is made up of a senior serving or retired judge, senior lawyers and lay people. Five years is the normal maximum term for a member. 

Other members of the Selection Panel for the 2016-17 competition are: Helen Pitcher OBE (chair), Sir Alex Allan (lay member), Sir Maurice Kay (judicial member), Martin Mann QC (barrister), Shaun Smith QC (barrister member), Ranjit Sondhi CBE (lay member), Quinton Quayle (lay member) and Tony King (member). Recruitment is under way for another lay member.