A female solicitor who alleged that her boss did not want her to have a relationship or children has settled her claim against a West Country law firm.

Kate Baker, 33, lodged claims for sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and wrongful dismissal, alleging that she was sacked from Follett Stock in Truro after she started a relationship.

The employment tribunal judge read her statement, which stated: ‘Mr [Chris] Lingard on many occasions told me that he did not want me in a relationship or to have babies.’

Baker alleged that there was a culture of bullying at the firm and claimed that, because she was single, she was expected to carry out marketing activities for the firm at weekends.

She also claimed that Lingard’s wife had sent her a text message reinforcing his desire that she should remain single.

Baker, who qualified in 2004 and worked in dispute resolution earning £45,000 a year, was with the firm from October 2011 to June 2012.

A joint statement issued by the firm and Baker said: ‘Both parties are pleased to confirm that settlement terms have been agreed.’

Baker was represented by Terry Falcao, partner at West Country firm Stephens Scown.

Jill Andrew of London firm Beam Law, represented Follett Stock.