The proportion of women in magic circle firms’ partner promotions has increased to 30% this year, up from 14% last year.

Of the 80 promotions across the five firms, 24 went to women this year, according to an analysis by the Gazette.

Clifford Chance was the latest firm to announce its elections, with seven of its 21 promotions going to women, up from just two out of 20 in 2013.

The overall number of female partners employed by the firm globally is 17% out of a total of 587 partners.

Matthew Layton, managing partner at Clifford Chance, said: ‘This year’s cohort of new partners can also already claim impressive reputations in their areas of expertise and extremely strong client relationships.’

Out of the magic circle Linklaters scored highest for gender diversity, with 43% of its 21 promotions going to women. The firm promoted just three out of 24 last year.  

Meanwhile Slaughter and May promoted three women out of seven new partners. Last year it promoted one female and one male associate to partner.

In contrast the number of female promotions at magic circle firms Allen & Overy and Freshfields remained the same as last year. Freshfields promoted three women to partner out of 15 (20%), compared with three out of 14 in 2013 (21%).

Allen & Overy promoted two out of 16 (13%), compared with two out of 19 in 2013 (11%). 

Top-20 firm DAC Beachcroft has reported the highest proportion of female promotions, with 56% of 16 new partners women.