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I should have done basket weaving and then the LPC it would have helped me with understanding indicative behaviours and stakeholders (or should that be steakholders?mmm) and outcomes focussed regulation - what happened to prevention better than cure - why can't they speak to lawyers in lawyers language or clear English not management / lets confuse everyone with ambiguity speak.Lawyers have partners and directors and clients not stakeholders or whatever new term they find for secretaries (document facilitators/ creators) or receptionists (telephonic communicators/ front desk ambassadors) please keep it real and so we can all understand remember the plain English campaign? Do they have nothing else to do but come up with these terms to make it look like they actually do something to justify the salaries they earn from the various lawyers fees. They also scrapped management awards and repaced it with IT awards like a computer system will deal with the hiring and supervision of staff - and that the latter is not important - the priorities have changed within the profession.IT awards are for PC magazines not for the SRA to judge as such although some aspects maybe relevant. They are supposed to set an example and lead by example which they do not do - for sure.

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