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So, Dennis, when will our police have 20 hours with a suspect without his having the benefit of legal advice, as they do in France, be copied here? When are we due to introduce prescriptive inheritance laws saying who is to get what? And when are we to return to a scale of conveyancing fees at 0.9% which French notaries enjoy, oh and BTW a fee of 1% of the value of any loan for the mortgage work? And when are we due to get our Civil Code.?

I at one time enquired about the re-qualification requirements as a French notaire. I discovered that it is allowed "but you will have to go through the whole French seven year qualification process" i e no fast track as there is here for EU qualified lawyers.

And why just because "EU leaders have said recently" do we have to do what they say? Show a bit of backbone for once. Just learn to say "no" and see what they do about it. And anyway, as with Germany and Holland, they need us more than we need them, assuming that we need them at all that is.

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