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@anon 9.46am

Firstly I do not need to have policed the streets to see and hear what goes on around me in real life not fiction bill. Because unlike YOU I chose to see ALL that goes on around me and not just SOME the bits that benefit my fantasies like some on this forum, you included. I have through my lifetime lost 3 friends sadly to murder. 2 stabbed with a knife and 1 with a bottle. All 3 victims
were WHITE and all 3 assailants were WHITE and I lived in an area with a 50/50 split of cultures. But I wouldn't dare go around brandishing all WHITES as mad homicidle knife men and so we better imprison them all the poor things. it's because they are
unemployed or have come here as immigrants from Poland or Turkey etc don't you know. Why? because it would not be FAIR. You get it now! So don't bother giving me anymore of your drivel or nonsense because I'm not interested for I might as well join the Bigots Boat where I now also "don't wish to hear it"

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