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Anon @ 9.46 and @ 2.38 there is so much in your contributions that chimes with the discussion we had here about Shami C and Liberty - that is freedom of opinion and speech is only acceptable if you agree with what is said. You sound like Gordon Brown, anyone who diverges from the holy PC text must be per se, a bigot etc. Well, if you are looking for bigotry, examine what you have said, you will need to look no further than yourselves.
The fact I have a different opinion from you on these matters does not make my view less worthy than yours even if it is only based on hard experience, but unfortunately you don't seem to have an opinion; you just attack mine without any justification or argument. Clearly not an advocate.
It is not only in the UK that the immigration discussion is taking place. Already we see signs that Germany and other European states are ruing the day they let so many migrants in without proper and careful examination of their claims in the context of the UN rules.
The Eastern EU member states are way ahead of the curve on this, or are their elected governments the right wing elements you speak of? And what of their law abiding citizens who express discomfort with the tide of immigration into their countries by people with who they have little or nothing in common; are they to be dismissed as right wing elements too and thus, in your view, worthless?

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