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Why not go the whole hog and include Civil Justice ?

It would offer good comparative data in addition to telling us more than we currently know. Or is it perceived that ethnic minority citizen's do not partake in Civil Litigation save for hopeless claims before Employment Tribunals ?

There is also the question of an appointee that may be seen to import an institutional bias, being a member of 2 institutions. Why source someone from the Legal profession and the World of Politics ? From Bentley to Lawrence, the Maguires to Hillsborough, why not take on board that Politicians and Lawyers have been in charge of the everyday management of a system that is now one of the prime suspects for blame ? All the above cases owe more to families and non lawyers getting the right outcome than the institutions that they had to fight ( for little better reason or excuse than finality and misplaced comity )

Having failed to provide remedies on that everyday basis for a concern that has been ever present for decades, would it not make more sense to adopt a Hillsborough style inquiry where the leadership of the inquiry is not compromised by membership of such institutions, to offer a far wider and deeper insight than an " internal " inquiry ?

Or is it this an idea and and a compromise that has arisen from the bowls of Dutchy of Lancaster - to provide some more window dressing ?

The base answer to be found is in the way that people think when entrusted to devise policy and provide leadership. If clueless and immature about the society they lead ( even if they are otherwise decent or nice people ) you the same bad results
continue on a decade by decade basis, regardless of race.

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