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This is really stupid. There are just over 3 million people in Wales, one of the worst performing regions of the UK economically.

Our law firms work for clients nationally because there isn't enough work or money in Wales to sustain them.

Companies based here get a level playing field with England. They don't need to worry whether being based in Cardiff rather than Bristol brings any more regulation or taxation.

So why in god's name would you put the cat among the pigeons? Who does this really benefit? It will make the politicians in Cardiff feel more important. It will make it harder for Welsh Law firms to work nationally, and it will give businesses a headache to comply with different laws for their Welsh and English offices, and whether their Welsh office is really worth the trouble.

People go on about brexit being a slim majority, but the Welsh Government was created thanks to a small majority of a tiny turnout in the 90's. No-one wants this except for grandstanding politicians.

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