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@Neil Taylor

What utter nonsense from beginning to end.

(1) That has nothing whatsoever to do with the point being made, which you have paid no mention to since the beginning. Wales is not "ruled by England", it has it's own devolved government that is failing miserably at the powers it has. An organisation that has lost control of Health, Education, Infrastructure should not be given it's own legal jurisdiction to manage to, especially when Wales's current economic prosperity and attractiveness to inward investment depends on England & Wales having the same playing field.

This is not my view btw, or any other view, this is provable economic practice evidenced by decades of progress between countries, and is indeed the entire basis for the EU.

Quite why you think the opposite of that will achieve economic prosperity is something that can only exist inside your head.

(2) Again nothing to do with what is being discussed. Wales is the worst performing country in the UK economically, and we're talking about not making things worse.

(3) This shows clearly that you lack understanding. Taxation is paid to the government and the money distributed to the regions via the barnet formula. Wales gets out more than it pays into that. That's not a view, that again is a fact well known about and complained about by England for decades. You can have absolutely nothing to back up your crazy tin foil hat assertion that "Wales subsidises England" because that is provably false by any metric you wish to choose. Absolutely barmy.

(4) I think the less said about that point the better. Seriously, you are making this up entirely.

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