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This is a very bad idea on the one hand, but I do understand it on the other.

We need trained, specialist, insured advocates - however, recent cuts have rather put paid to all that, and few can now afford that representation, unless the lawyer is risking his/her own fees under a CFA.

The answer is simple - fund the judicial system correctly, and not for profit.

Raising court fees to £10,000 for serious cases was horrendous, removing virtually all legal aid another blow, raising divorce petition issue fees to £550 incredibly bad judgment, and introducing fees in the Employment Tribunal a disaster. Increasing the small claims limit in PI is yet another ludicrous step forward to barring access to justice.

I've posted before about the system on it knees. It's beyond that now unfortunately. The entire thing has collapsed and there's very little pulse.

McKenzie friends have been a very poor substitute - an eager graduate with no or little court skills will fare very badly, and likely hasten their exit from the legal profession.

I really do worry for the youngsters coming into this game - I've still, sadly 15 years left. I just hope I can finish the race.

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