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Interesting that in the same issue there should be on the one hand an article about a doctor threatening a defamation action for being accused of exaggerated injuries and their consequences and on the other hand, Labour bods against proposed personal injury reforms. Yet again the same issue includes details of a PI firm going under because of the referral fee ban. The area clearly needs a shake up. I've had experience too of having had a minuscule rear end collision with another car whose driver couldn't possibly have been injured (if she was then peeling your veg or getting into bed at nights would land you in hospital). She managed to rack up £1,700 in damages for the injuries and a total of about £5,000 including car rental, car repairs and physiotherapy. Just my luck it was an expensive car that suffered a tiny scratch and not an old banger. I was given no opportunity by the insurance company to comment or object and didn’t even knew there'd been a claim let alone a payout for about 3 or 4 years when it became apparent somehow on a car insurance renewal. This needs to be stopped. Cosmetic surgery to a posh car maybe. But personal injury damages and physio? Give me a break. And I'm one of thousands who must have suffered the same sort of experience. As I say, it needs a shake up.

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