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@Malcolm Roberts 14:01.

Surely the words "respectable CMC" are an oxymoron?

@Anon 13.40

And if it was your money on the line, would you:-

a) defend the case, spending upwards of £10k trying to bring evidence of no impact, when you know full well the Deputy DJ at Birkenhead County Court will just say "I am satisfied that the evidence of the report of Dr Al-Shifty and the engineering evidence of Gizuzyaclaims Assessors Limited means that despite the photographs the accident did happen and I therefore award indemnity basis costs"

b) defend the case knowing that even if you win, chances of recovering costs are diddly squat


c) bung them a couple of grand, just enough for the Solicitor to pay their banned referral fee, enough to spread the profit between the medco false agencies, and give the punter / sorry consumer / sorry customer / sorry "client" a few hundred to blow at Christmas?

BTW the answer is c).

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