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Anon 12:28. It is simple economics. If you log on to Amazon and see two identical products, sold by two different vendors at different prices you buy the cheapest (or best value). The more expensive vendor will have to reduce their price to compete or they won't make any sales.

Insurance is no different unless you are suggesting that the insurance companies are operating as a cartel and price fixing.

Interestingly, the recent increase in IPT and if discount rates are cut then you won't see your premium fall, but probably increase.

Speaking to some ex-colleagues (opponents) in the insurance industry they are suggesting that the MoJ's figures are grossly overstated anyway and that even if the proposed reforms are rolled out unchanged then, at most, the average policy saving will be nearer £30. Not forgetting that in that average are commercial policies, young / old drivers, drivers with convictions etc. who will be paying a high premium to start with. The 'average' saving to the 'average' policy will likely be about £15-£20.

Factor in all of the above (IPT and discount rate) and your 'average' policy will likely be £20 worse off than if everything was left as is!

Well done to the government who have once again demonstrated it has no idea what it is doing

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