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All of this just to save Insurance companies money - they will try and make it look like savings are being passed on, when in fact across the board they wont be.

* Government losing billions in tax/vat/NI from the sector.
* Thousands of jobs lost

Every sector ranging from financial, legal, car sales, dog training you name it, they all contain fraudulent activities. Whiplash is no different, so lets eradicate the root of the issue not the big flower on top. Fraud will still continue in some shape or form even with the increase! Possibly more so with fabricated injuries through unscrupulous doctors.

There have been more whiplash claims than 15+ years ago, yes obviously of course there are, there are over 10million more cars on the road.

The conclusion is. A person or persons are being paid off, so it will be interesting to see any leaked/hacked evidence of any UK or off shore accounts or properties being paid for by insurance related companies or individuals.


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