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reply to Robin @ 14:49 GMT

I agree Robin but the simple answer is costs and most claimant solicitors know that most insurance companies wont bother with arguing over £200 as the cost of appointing panel will outweigh the benefits so whilst its slowly happening with cases like AXA it has not always been that way.
The issue with your last paragraph is the industry itself has turned a blind eye to the actions of a few despite the evidence presented.
Yes the £400 club can no longer exist but the evidence was there and we are talking the big players played this game not the few rogue solicitors, the same big players that bought rehabilitation services and then charged £20 extra for each session going against standard NICE guidelines.
I simply think the industry has turned a blind eye for long enough and a simply £500 increase would not have solved anything, I think the next 6 months will be interesting as I feel a lot more cases will find their way to court similar to the AXA v Asons case

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