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The article talks about the effects on solicitors, which is bad enough of course, but the people who will really suffer are the Claimants who are the innocent victims of other people's errors and then find that they cannot claim, or don' know how to claim or are not sure when to settle their claim, or whether to leave settlement until they have a prognosis, or are picked off by the insurers for £1000, and then cannot work for 6 months, or are trying to negotiate the portal, or find out where the local county court is except that you have to book an appointment there but anyway everything is now issued through Salford (unless it is a portal claim of course) and what do “special damages” mean, and what if I thought my claim was only worth £1k but in fact it is worth £6k what with the psychiatric overlay and all; oh and how do I sort my kid's claim out because I have just been offered something called a parental indemnity - so what does that mean? ...................... Just remember that the government is not theoretically stopping lawyers (maybe they might start calling us “so called lawyers – there’s a thought) from acting, as it wants to claim there is still access to justice - it is just putting up so many barriers that it might as well – just remind everyone to read "The Trial" by Kafka (again) - which you may have done when you were at school or somewhere - that said a thing or so about theoretical access to a legal system.

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