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Presumably the SRA and LS have been so ineffective in this because they are just as depressed as the average lawyer. Insurers donate to govt. Govt is ignoring one side of the argument from people like A2J and just following what the insurers say. Consumers will not see any savings on insurance premiums, just like they didn't see any savings after April 2013, almost 4 years ago! Then the irony of clin neg fixed fees based on "disproportionate" costs largely due to NHSLA conduct is just laughable seeing as the govt is running the NHS into the ground just to sell it off. Average Joe will have no clue how to run or value even a simple RTA. Saying that they will still have access to justice is a joke when the only options appear to be a CMC or the CAB. This is a real sorry state of affairs. So much for being in this together. end rant

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