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When people become aware that they can claim then they do and this means more people claim. It also means that the CMCs are out there actively trying to get such clients and quite possibly encouraging people to try it on.

Often folks claim when there isn't a claim (either because they genuinely think they have a claim or they don't) and they should fail - them's the breaks. It's the same here. If you get food poisoning because of a dodgy hotel why shouldn't you claim? If you were sick because of 20 pints and a dodgy prawn from a seaside stall then it's tough and if you try to blame a hotel then fundamental dishonesty should bite.

I can see that the shysters will run '000s of these and fail badly, whereas those that do it right and only pursue claims identified as genuine will succeed. It's like the hearing loss rubbish that is still floating around.

It'll run its course just like everything else.

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