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The Emperor is naked. He is in the buff. He. Iswithout apparel. "As a jay bird". Naked.

The Dutch online Court has been scrapped.
We are pursuing the pipe dream of legal futurists who have convinced supposedly intelligent people that they have the answer.

They don't. This is 21st century snake-oil.

As an earlier poster says The Law Society must make sure that Government and the public understands what a mess the Justice systems are in as a direct result of cuts and reduced resources. If only the voices of Court Legal Advisers and Crown Prosecutors and Probation Officers could be heard then all would know that court digitalisation and digital mark up (being piloted in Sunderland Magistrates Court) is utter bollocks and takes more time and is less efficient than paper files.
Stop messing about with your toys and join those of us in the real world.

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