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Dear Anon@9.18
This is absolutely brilliant. I hope the LSB, SRA, MoJ (aka "the axis of evil") promote this service and make it readily accessible to all. It is precisely what the LSB/SRA want Solicitors to do ie offer legal advice for free/reduced (unprofitable fees) to people who cn't afford legal fees. It means we dont ever again have to address the issue of legal aid or access to justice.
Clearly once the authority has received the letter they will right the wrong immediately or the bot ("app") will be able to produce all the relevant documents for the next stages-and respond to any correspondence-including drafting any court proceedings as well as advising the claimant what to say in Court and how to say it so the claimant has an effective argument.
All of this of course will be for free and Mr Browder will make no money whatsoever at all out of the misery of others. He will be able to stand up, chest out and point at the legal parasites and say "I am better than you. I am righteous. I have solved this problem and given the poor the same power as the rich."


We could look again at legal aid for serious issues (as opposed to parking fines/charges) and its role in assuring access to justice so that people can get help from someone who knows what they are doing (eg CAB, Law Centre or Solicitor) and can offer an holistic service.

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