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Look on the bright side is the clarion call of the Brexiteers. The wonderful opportunities that leaving the EU offers Britain. This instills all the confidence of the final scene in Monty Python's life of Brian where the lyrics of the final song tell us to do just that.

It is absolutely true of course that outside the EU there will be golden opportunities to explore that would not have been possible if we remained and here are a few of them.

The Eurosceptics in the Labour Party, our next government, have adhered solidly to their position for decades. Jeremy Corbyn, the ‘reluctant remainer’ as the press like to call him has stalwartly opposed the EEC and EU for his entire parliamentary career. The reason was always clear, it was an obstacle to socialism. He is quite correct in that it certainly presented an obstacle to the kind of socialism that we were offered at the Labour Party conference in September.

Corbyn’s Labour Party is the most socialist we have seen since 1945 and in many ways is returning to its roots. The most obvious of these roots is the plan to re-nationalize the railways, water, the utilities, the Post Office and, well let’s face inevitable rather more. A Labour government in a European Union could never have aspired to that, the European Court of Justice would never have allowed it. Being able to take back into public ownership the essential services is a golden opportunity that all Brexiteers should embrace, after all they are currently owned by fat cats, elites and worst of all foreigners. The sooner the British people are back in control of them the better.

The EU have been striving for years to take Europe wide control of tax policy. That would of course make a fair socialist taxation scheme impossible. Outside the EU a socialist government will be able to target the rich and the giant corporations and squeeze them until the pips squeak. Those who don’t like it can jolly well move abroad and take their ill-gotten gains with them.

For decades the EU have introduced law and regulation protecting the rights of workers and this has undermined the trade unions who once held the position of guardians of those very rights. In the absence of a European legislature and a European Court enforcing its will Britain will once again be free to give power back to the unions to ensure that workers are treated with fairness and respect.

Brexiteering and nostalgia have always gone hand in hand. Lets get back to the good old days when Britain made its own rules. We don’t need the EU to protect workers rights, remember Arthur Scargill and Red Robbo? They did a brilliant job didn’t they. We don’t need high-speed European trains, remember British Rail and their award winning timekeeping and catering? We don’t want a Europe wide tax policy, remember super-tax and investment income surcharge? Makes your heart sing doesn’t it, You can almost hear the British Lion roaring in anticipation.

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