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Oh dear.

Anon 10:21 and other times etc - do absolutely everything yourself. Grow your own foods, farm your animals, make your own clothes and so on. Then and only then can you say that people should do things for free.

Everything costs and if you want something done for you then you have to pay for it. Access to justice costs and if people want to access justice then they have to pay for it. They can do that by paying with the risk that the money is wasted, or they can do it via no-win no-fee where they know the service is free if they lose. The cost is a success fee for which they have a 10% uplift on damages to go towards it.

I can just see clin neg clients being told 1 in 10 succeeds but let me have £4k up front and we'll see how it goes. There goes access to justice for most of those. RTA clients can do everything themselves, of course they can. Ok a fair few will get screwed over given the low portal offers I keep seeing, and they won't know what to claim for or how to prove it, but that's ok I guess.

And when you really get down to it, when you whinge about fees I suggest you tell the insurers to insure for free and indeed to fight cases for free. If you pay car insurance part of that pays for your insurer to provide legal services so you're already losing out, right?

And we all know that insurance premiums go down when the wind blows in the insurers' favour don't we...

I also keep seeing this argument that the public won't support lawyers. The public NEVER supports lawyers on anything. that's because it is out of sight, out of mind. It's a tiresome argument to use.

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