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The trouble with all the above legal arguments is that it does not take account of the common law. The statute law Criminal law act 1977 sect 6 states that no one can use force to enter occupied property without the consent of the occupier. There is the proviso, "without lawful authority". The word lawful takes it into the realms of common law, so any order or writ issuing from an administrative court which may be legal shall have no effect.
This has wider ramifications. Obviously if a tenant does not pay his rent he should be evicted but because the common law has been ignored by governments who even ignore our most basic freedoms such as applying for a writ for habeas corpus, then one gets the anomalies that appear here. The proverb that comes to mind is, "when first we practice to deceive Oh what a tangled web we weave" Still you lot make a lot of money trying to untangle the web.

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