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The comments about what a certain Queens Bench Master would do when displeased, are very minor compared to some of the incidents I witnessed in the early 1970s.

In those days, at the RCJ, most QB Masters' Appointments were dealt with in two rooms just off the Bear Garden, and the representatives dealing with anything up to seven or eight cases would be sitting in the same room waiting for the Master to call them forward, hence witnessing what happened.

I distinctly remember two separate instances of one particular Master who I will not name here, but those who remember the days will know who it was if I say he had a hyphenated surname, very accurately and with some force throwing Volume 1 of the White Book at the hapless individual before him. One I recall had commenced with the words: "This is my summons Master . . . ", but patently knew almost nothing about the case he was presenting.

Woe betide anyone following shortly thereafter who hadn't got their ducks well and truly in order.

Draconian perhaps, but you learned very quickly !

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