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3 observations from my employment lawyer experience:
1. Are firms required to disclose all types of harassment and discrimination allegation and in all protected areas-race, orientation, disability etc? If not, why not? If so, the SRA would be swamped.
2. In reality, making allegations of whatever nature, within a law firm, often requires acceptance your career there may be finished. It inherently puts the parties into confrontational and opposing positions and generally, most grievances, get rejected. Where ET proceedings follow, cue the overused cliche "the proceedings will be robustly defended." I've never grasped what "robustly" even adds.....
2. Many lawyers are highly intelligent. But don't take challenge well nor being told they've got it wrong. Lots of firms mismanage HR issues, treat and dismiss people unfairly and bury it within Settlement Agreements. Ultimately discrimination is another manifestation of bad management/treatment. I've always thought it sad equal attention and condemnation is not given to that wider issue. Ie treating someone badly isn't important unless it amounts to discrimination, which would appear to be the position of the Law Society and SRA.

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