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Human existence requires people to take a risk and let someone know that they’re interested in them. That’s life. It’s what we all live for -- the hope that we’ll meet someone special.

Showing interest in someone is scary. It takes courage. You’re not sure if that person likes you. You’re nervous. You chat to your male and female friends, and they give you advice. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself.

So you start off with a bit of conversation and a compliment. That seemed to go OK. You think you got good signals. Next time you purposely sit next to that person at lunch time so you can chat.

You finally pluck up the courage, and decide to take a risk. You send a message on facebook to ask if that person fancies a drink.

Oh dear. It turned out that person found you creepy. You misread read things. You “tracked her down” on facebook, and she feels violated. She feels she is a victim because she has been told any sort of unwanted attention at work is harassment. Rather than let him down gently, she reports this unwanted attention to her supervisor and his career is destroyed.

What a truly sad state of affairs that just taking a chance and getting it wrong could easily lead to this. We all have to take romantic risks and we all get it wrong.

That most basic human need to find a partner could now wreck your career if you get it wrong.

Please -- read what courageous and strong feminists such as Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers think about all this nonsense.

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